Day 8: Release all the tension that holds you back from letting love flow ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Day Eight: Release blocks to love(Gabrielle Bernstein)

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We can always tune in to the frequency of love

We share a universal desire to love and to feel loved. Sometimes our entire existence can be consumed with this desire. Most of us have the tendency to go searching for a source of love outside of ourselves which is often a frustrating and futile mission. It is futile because at our core we are love. The feeling that love is out of reach is an illusion. We are born from love and love is always within reach.

Adopting the perspective that love is always present and you are always worthy of it is not easy, but it is true. Feeling unlovable because of our past mistakes or current shortcomings underlies a belief that we need to earn love or that our behaviors are linked to our worthiness of love. This could not be further from the truth.

Just as we would not judge a toddler as unlovable for repeatedly spilling his or her milk, just as we would easily forgive a baby for crying because she is uncomfortable, tired or wet, we must offer ourselves the same compassionate attention and forgiveness. We deserve kindness and love. And it is proper and right to expect the world to be a loving place.

One way to lessen the intensity of feeling unloved or unlovable is to practice the compassion meditation. In doing so we realize that the waves of love and gentleness are always present. Like the radio frequencies of our favorite radio station are always in the air, when we tune into the vibe of love, we realize we can never be separated from it.

The loving kindness meditation practice begins with developing a loving acceptance of yourself. If you experience resistance to receiving love this indicates that feelings of unworthiness are present. Do not lose heart! This is only a sign of work to be done, as the practice itself is designed to overcome any feelings of self-doubt or negativity. You will find it easier to release the negative self-beliefs, to see yourself as the tenderhearted child who truly deserves love and you will open yourself to give and receive love freely.

Release all the tension that holds you back from letting love flow. ~ Gabrielle Bernstein



Begin today’s meditation by taking five deep, slow breaths. Breathe in through your nose slowly to the count of 6, hold your breath for 2 counts, and exhale slowly to the count of 6. Do this for a total of 5 breaths.

With your hands resting on your lap, or on your heart if you wish, recite the loving kindness phrases and really try to generate the feelings of kindness, friendliness and compassion. Starting with yourself, say:

 May I be free from suffering. May I be peaceful and truly happy. May I be well in body, mind and heart. May I live with ease.

As you feel the warmth coming from your heart, a sincere desire that you not suffer, see if you can extend that feeling to someone you care about. Imagine a dear friend or loved one and repeat the phrases:

May you be free from suffering. May you be peaceful and truly happy. May you be well in body, mind and heart. May you live with ease.

Finally, as you bask in these wonderful feelings of kindness and compassion, extend the wish to all beings on the planet.

Spend a few minutes allowing this wave of loving kindness to swirl around you and radiate out from you. 

Take this feeling of connectedness  with you throughout your day. Always remembering that you, too, are worthy of a life free from suffering, full of peace and true happiness.

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May you be free from suffering. May you be peaceful and truly happy. May you be well in body, mind and heart. May you live with ease.

With love,

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