Created by Dr. Andrea Pennington 

Improve Healing & Boost Resilience

You have the power to experience faster healingrecovery by managing the stress response and boosting your immune system. The only thing standing in your way is a sense of being overwhelmed, negative mental chatter and perhaps a bit of doubt.

This meditation will help you lower stress by bringing calm to your body, brain, and mind while teaching you how to tap into your own power for renewal and regeneration using mindfulness meditation and positive psychology practices.

You will enjoy greater peace of mind, gratitude and appreciation for your precious life.

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The Attunement Process is a 5-Step Mindfulness Meditation to Enhance Healing,
Reduce Stress & Boost Resilience

Backed by Research and Clinical Experience

Dr. Andrea has taught this process to thousands of people around the world just like you. From students, to entrepreneurs to authors, actors and athletes in clinical practice and at the International University of Monaco.

She has also personally experienced the healing power of gained from meditation and mindfulness practice, as she shared in her compelling TEDx presentation on how to use mindfulness to build resilience and create a stress-resistant personality.

Now YOU can learn this simple method for reducing the drama & trauma of health challenges and speed recovery with Dr. Andrea’s guidance!

  • Dr. Wayne Dyer
    Dr. Wayne Dyer Author, Excuses be Gone

    The Pennington Plan is filled with life changing energy.
    Read it carefully.

  • Dr. Mike Dow
    Dr. Mike Dow Author, The Brain Fog Fix

    I’ve seen Dr. Andrea change people’s lives. In fact, she’s changed mine.

    Her training and expertise in traditional and Chinese medicine combined with her passion, light, and spirit make her a rare gift.

  • Dr. Christiane Northrup
    Dr. Christiane Northrup Author, Goddesses Never Age

    Dr. Pennington is practicing the medicine of the future ~ now. The Pennington Plan is beaming with wisdom.

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